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Program Details

What is Tomorrow's Trades?

Tomorrow's Trades is a Secondary School Cooperative Education program designed to help young people achieve entry into the unionized construction sector of Ontario.

The Experience

  • 2023-24 Programs will run in Ottawa and London

    • Summer School/Summer Program - potential 2 credit​

      • 4 July - 1 September​

    • Fall Semester - 4 credit

      • 18 September - 19 January​

  • Successful candidates will have the opportunity to

    • earn several industry recognized certifications specific to the construction sector

    • participate in experiential learning at local unionized training centre

    • complete observational learning at active construction sites

    • receive individualized mentorship from Program Advisor and current apprentices

    • receive support for union application, aptitude test preparation and employment related skills development

  • To help ensure student success we will provide required personal protective equipment and a Milwaukee tool kit that will support the transition to employment

Note:  For the summer school options, in order to be eligible for 2 credit co-op, students will need to inquire with their school board's summer school staff.  For the fall semester options, students will need to be registered in four credit co-op before they are officially accepted into the program.

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