Program Details

Program Duration

Tomorrow’s Trades is a twelve-week experiential learning program that helps prepare participants to start their career in the construction sector skilled trades.  Tomorrow’s Trades will provide the hands-on experiences, industry recognized training and certification, personal protective equipment and basic hand tools needed to become a high-quality apprentice.

Selection Process

Participants are selected through an application process that includes the submission of an application form, resume and interview.  Once participants start the Tomorrow’s Trade program, they will receive a weekly stipend and support for transportation to help offset some of the costs of attending.

The Experience

Participants can expect to visit several unionized construction trade training centres, where they will have the opportunity to gain some experience, meet current apprentices, understand the labour market and build technical skills.  This process ensures that the participants have an opportunity to make informed decisions on the trade that is best suited to their interests, talents and future goals.  From there we will help the participants through their union application process and provide ongoing support as they make the connections to start their careers.