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Applications are currently being accepted for

June '22 and January '23 Graduates

from the following school boards: 








The FastTrack Difference

Secondary School OYAP graduates who have completed between 440 and 880 Cooperative Education hours in the construction sector can apply to the FastTrack Program.

Participants can expect to visit several unionized construction trade training centers where they will have the opportunity to gain some additional experience, meet current apprentices, understand the current labour market and requirements to enter each particular union.  This process ensures that the participants have an opportunity to make informed decisions on the trade that is best suited to their interests, talents and future goals. 


Participants will also  meet with contractors, attend to active jobs sites and receive additional certifications.  During the program we will help the participants through their union application process (including support for intake exams)  and provide ongoing support as they make the connections to start their career.

Participants will receive:  


  • $275 per week to support transportation expenses

  • Milwaukee tool kit to help get you started

  • required personal protective equipment

  • construction sector training and certifications

Participants will be supported in applying to the unions in trades listed here.  

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